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The average duration of sexual intercourse (and masturbation) of our clients increased from 13 to 27 min.

91% of them have seen a noticeable change in the size of their penis as early as 2 weeks!
97% declared feeling unique sensations when they have sex or masturbate.

Anonymous surveys made last month, by email, to 1001 of our customers.

It was found that the maximum effects are obtained from 10 weeks of treatment. But already, in the first week, increase in sexual performance reaches 15%, which is huge.

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Because the size of each man's penis is the fruit of nature, the only answer to the desire for a more visible virility is the use of the natural resources offered by our planet. Is it not said that we must feed on this or that food to bring the natural resources to good growth or good health?

It's exactly the same for penis enlargement! A powerful but precise dosage of plants and minerals fills the sexual deficiencies of the human body and facilitate blood circulation. We have also developed an exclusive "Active Turbo" process that accelerates the appearance of the first effects. That's why Vitaperf is quick and efficient!

Using Vitaperf is in the air: a reputable, natural supplement that gives you total control of what you bring to your body.

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The Nordic success story

The incredible history of Vitaperf started 5 years ago! The liberalisation of morals and the explosion of social networks made the famous Vitaperf bottles a fashionable object that no longer hides in the bottom of a drawer! More than 2 million customers out of a total population of 20 million would gladly recommend Vitaperf to those around them.

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I have had the chance to use VITAPERF for several months now. Before I used to import it, and I recently received an email telling me that now they have an exclusive distributor in Europe, which makes tablets directly on site. That's excellent news !

Concretely, my penis has grown of 7CM, and it is much thicker now. I had no side effects. It's like a rebirth for me. My wife said to me "I have the impression of sleeping with another man ... And what a man!". Thanks to all the VITAPERF team.

— Peter 49 years old, London

Hello, I'm Chris and I live in Berlin. I thought it was not possible to enlarge a penis, that you were born like that and that you had to live with it. I knew you could find pills on the internet, but there are a lot of fake products that do nothing at all except to give you headaches.

Vitaperf is a very serious shop. I first asked for a free sample that they sent me. 1 week after I ordered for 6 months, because incredible but true, my sex had grown! Now I'll take it again because I'm almost 20 centimetres long.

— Chris 34 years old, Berlin

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